Communication Solution for Smart Management of Low Voltage Power Outage Sensing

Sensor SF Tri-BT Remote Terminal Unit uses IoT communication technology that enables efficiency, high availability and assurance in remote and continuous low voltage power outage sensing.

Power outage data is available via DNP3 protocol.

Installation does not require interruption in power supply and/or electrical contact.

Through three-phase monitoring, Sensor SF Tri-BT emits an alert in the event of power outage in any of the phases, as well as another alert when power is restored.

Remote sensing can be performed at points such as:

Industrial Facilities, Commercial Complexes, Houses, Condominiums, Neighborhoods and Cities, in addition to crucial points in the utility company’s distribution system


  • Built-in intelligence for automatic data collection.
  • Plug & Play Technology.
  • Long-range Technology.
  • Easy coverage of extensive geographic areas.
  • Low energy consumption with primary battery.
  • Low cost for data transmission.
  • Low deployment cost.
  • Operates indoor and outdoor.
  • Without interrupting the live line.
  • Failure and restore alarm.
  • Alert for SCADA system

Communication Technology

Sigfox communication technology for data transmission, regardless of network infrastructure, with compressed and optimized radio protocol. Software-based communication solution