CAS Tecnologia develops IoT solution via Swarm’s satellite

Company aims to provide low-cost global connectivity, providing data transmission in locations where mobile coverage is inconsistent.

CAS Tecnologia announced that it is developing the first satellite-enabled IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity product from Swarm Technologies in Brazil.

IoT refers to a digital connection based on capturing and transmitting data from smart devices.

According to the company, its objective is to provide low-cost global connectivity and take its solutions to peripheral regions of the country, which was previously not feasible.

Also according to the company, the benefits of the project for the utilities market – water, gas and energy – where CAS Tecnologia operates strongly, are due to the high need for availability and the large variations in consumption profiles across the country.

“The IoT communication via satellite is uncomplicated and unlike anything we have in the country and in the world, but it is even more important for remote regions. It is worth mentioning that it will not replace existing connections, such as via 4G, but will reach where others cannot. That’s the difference”

said Octavio Brasil, Marketing Manager of the company.